Crown Mill Support Services mission is to support customers in obtaining the best maintenance program available to help insure mill down time is to a minimum. It is our job to make your Company pro-active  in future maintenance and not reactionary to daily problems.


Our services allow your millwright and his staff to focus on daily mill interruptions of production. This allows our millwrights to handle larger projects or larger repairs to be completed on an uninterrupted and nonstop basis thus saving you money and lost future production time.


Crown has a full service 35,000 sq. ft. fabrication shop supported by mill rights, engineers, welders, fitters and up to date Auto Cad systems. In our shop we can fabricate from your designs or we will assist  mill and make the reinstallation. All our work has guarantees.


Fabrication and Remanufacturing Services

·         Fabricate new equipment and specialty items.

·         Rebuilding of existing equipment

·         Chippers, Hogs, Hammer Mills

·         Log Troughs and Log Line

·         Roll Cases, Transfer Decks, Log Decks

·         Debarker, Ring or Rosser Head

·         Gangs, Edgers, Drop Saws


On Site Services and Repairing

·         Inspection of entire mill

·         Change or repair conveyor belting, rollers, motors and drives.

·         Log Deck, Transfer Deck, UMW, chain, motors and drives

·         Repair Vibrating Conveyors

·         Chippers, Hogs, Hammer mills

·         Blowers and Piping

·         Sling Sorters and Stackers

·         Cyclones, Baghouses and Chip Bins

·         Le Tourneau and Fulghum Log Yard Cranes


Road Crews

Crown’s millwrights and riggers are supported by their own fleet of rigging trucks outfitted with welders, torches, tools and equipment to facilitate any project. Further, Crown has invested over the years in many specialty tools and equipment to make installation expedient and safe.


Process of Services

·         We will walk through the mill with your millwright and identify problems that need attention, catalog them by threat level, timeframe to correct and costs.

·         Make up a Plan of Correction with time frame that fits the mill schedule.

·         Our millwright can come through the mill every 30-60 days and conduct an inspection and present the findings to management.

·         Make mill more efficient and reduce time losses.

Mill Support & Maintenance